Mechanical features


  1. Its fully computerized control accommodates up to 2000 sets of dimensions in the internal memory module.
  2. Given leveled printing surface, color alignment can be regulated to within plus/minus 0.5 mm. (board flatness required)
  3. Phase precise, stable and will not transfer position.
  4. Phase position and hanging version location, of printer, slotter, die cutter and hanging version, hanging knife that can automatic homing. 
  5. Ceramic printer roller Improve the quality of printing and long life. 
  6. The whole machine's phase position can automatically track positioning.(Can save the time of back to zero.)
  7. Each of five knife holder can travel laterally to left or right.
  8. Edging cutter in scaled configuration via serrated blade in SKD steel offers sharp trim without scuffing ; extra long operation life.
  9. Corner cutter in a dual crimping design that offers easy operation for sharp, clean cut with minimal noise. Three level paper board and five level paper do not need adjust the gap.
  10. Paper feed suction in a dual frequency-controlled variable mode that offers adjustable air volume depending on the specific paper stock to cut down air feed noise.
  11. Transmission gear built by #SNCM-8, JIS tempering, Grinding and superb machining offers high precision and extended operating cycle.
  12. Compatible to most die-cut units.
  13. Custom order available in single-color, dual-color, tricolor and four- color five-color printing, with optional folding machine.



2.印刷套色精度 正負 0.5 m/m (紙板有平為原則).

Paper-feed mechanism

1.Adapts the front end feeder system by Sun Automation Group, USA. 
2.Paper feeding mechanism comes with a counter that lifts upward automatically at a preset
   number, offering precise control on the printing volume.

3.Slot-configured upper feeding roller and textured lower feeding roller provide precise
   paper-feeding motion.

4.It can be set to automatic positioning.
5.Server motor comes with built-in frequency changer in energy-saving, compact design, with
   insulation that reduces noise.

6.Standard cquipment include scuff brush and absorbent cotton swab.



Printing mechanism

1.Makes available Scraper System or Rubber Roll System to your choice.
2.Suction conveying of printer : The auxiliary cardboard transports more smoothly, It can print
   more accurate and reduce the cost of cardboard loss. (You can also select wheel bridge
3.Accurate color printing plus/minus 0.5 mm. Limit the principle of flat cardboard, If there are
   adopt suction conveying that will be better.
4.A magnetic-laternating textured ink roller in 60-degree angular cell design accommodates
   even dot-matrix printing through extened operating cycle, for delicate, fine plate jobs.

5.Printing system featuring a plate hanging design that offers convenient and swift plate change.
6.Hanging devices can be customized quickly, can save more time hanging.
7.SS protective guard surrounding the ink roller and vinyl rollers protects precision roller from
   being damaged.

8.Automatic control to vinyl rollers during idle that prevents the ink from drying out during
   interim pauses.

9.When the feed stop, the ink roller automatically detaches from the printing plate to further
   protect all printing plates.

10.When ink pump abnormal stop, there are electronic sensors and also lack of ink indicator
     alerts the operator.

11.A dual backed ink well design that offers ample flushing, prevent pigment buildup during

12.Plate wheels carry a margin of 25mm to left and right.
13.Auto tracking location on  plate wheels, with 360。 rotation, allows auto focus fitting,
     positioning, combining auto focus reset function.



  1. 可選擇刮刀系統或膠輪系統
  2. 印刷部吸風傳送輔助彎翹紙板輸送更順暢、提升印刷精度及降低損耗成本,(
  3. 印刷套色準確±0.5mm限紙板有平為原則,如有吸風傳送裝置會更好。
  4. 油墨轆採用蜂巢式60度角製做之陶瓷花輪,可應付精緻網點印刷、壽命長,印刷精緻美觀
  5. 採用掛版印刷系統,換版作業方便迅速
  6. 可定製快速掛版裝置,可更節省掛版時間
  7. 油墨轆及橡膠轆四周均有白鐵防轆護板,可使高精度之轆面不易受損
  8. 橡膠轆自動空轉裝置,機械暫時停止時油墨不至乾凅
  9. 送紙停止時、油墨轆可自行脫離印版表面,避免損壞印版
  10. 油墨幫浦異常停止時、設有電子感應器,並有缺墨指示燈提醒操作人員
  11. 油墨槽採用兩邊式白鐵製造,能使水源循環順暢,洗車速度快可使水管不殘留油墨
  12. 版輪可左右橫移 25 m/m
  13. 版輪可自動追蹤定位、可進退 360 度調整、相位可設定自動調尺寸、並配有相位自動覆歸功能


Slotting mechanism

  1. Separate adjustment to the position, depth, horizontal width of the feeding, slot, offering swift yet precise operation.
  2. Each of the five knife holder can travel laterally to the left or the right. Can order the front knives and rear knives on different shafts or on the same shafts.   
  3. All spindles in chromium electro-plating with superb polishing that prevents loosening the cutter
    plates, or tilting during the printing process, and extends the operating cycle of all cutters and cutter plates.
  4. Optional binding plate or die-cut unit, billed separately.
  5. Corner cutter in a dual crimping design that offers easy operation for sharp, clean cut with minimal noise. Three level paper board and five level paper do not need adjust the gap.
  6. Edging cutter in scaled, serrated configuration in selected SKD steel provides neat edging
       without scuffing through cutters of extended operating life.
  7. The two blades (front and the rear) have differnt axles. there is no limit of the height in the
       cardboard boxes.


  1. 開槽位置、開槽深度、左右橫移均可設定自動調尺寸,操作迅速準確.
  2. 五支刀均可左右橫移,可訂製前後刀不同軸心,也可訂製前後刀同軸心.
  3. 全部主軸均經高級硬鉻電鍍處理及一級精密研磨,運轉時不歪斜,可保刀片及刀
  4. 可加裝打拔或模切機組合.(價錢另議)
  5. 角刀座使用彈性設計,操作簡便迅速,三層五層換單免調刀作間隙.
  6. 月眉刀採魚鱗式鋸齒刀,採用SKD特殊材質,切邊整齊不毛邊,刀片壽命長.
  7. 前後刀不同軸,紙箱中高不受限制.



Die cutting mechanism

  1. Lower Cutter Wheels and Upper Urethane Pad Wheels made of cast steel; rubber rolls move laterally within 60mm automatically.
  2. Cutter Wheels and Urethane Pad Wheels disengage from each other automatically upon shutdown; and return to home positions in 10 seconds from restart.
  3. The Die cutting glue cushion wheel can choose: the slipping type synchronizer or grind the glue cushion function.
  4. The Die curtter's rubber pad function can optional, Repair or Grinding. you can also have not optional.



  1. 下刀模輪,上優力膠輪鑄鐵材質,膠輪可自動左右橫移 60 m/m.
  2. 當停機時,膠輪與刀模輪會自動分開,等再開機10秒鐘內會自動回到原點.
  3. 模切膠墊輪可選擇自動滑動器或研磨膠墊裝置.
  4. 模切膠墊可選配修膠墊或研磨膠墊也可選擇都不要.