1.Slotting location, depth and moving left or right, are all using the electric control type. 2.4 Slotting knife moving together. 3.Use vacuum feeding system, it will suck paper board topaper table even not smooth. 4.On the back holding paper board, the pneumatic lifting and descending with electronic sheet- feeding device, to match the transfer for large size paper board. 5.The forearding paper roller is covered with slotted rubber, the lowering paper roller is using surface embroidered shelf center, which will transfer paper board accurately. 6.All four main shaft have land chromium treatment twice and precisely grinded. Thus the cutter head is moving, it will not vibrate. 7.It has electric counter and can set paper quantity, when quantity enough, the holding paper board will lift, so it can control the accurate product quantity. 8.May install hole punch alluminum mould.


1.開槽位置,開槽深度,左右橫移均採用電動式‧ 2.月眉刀四支連動,使準備工作之時間減少‧ 3.送紙部採用真空輔助給紙系統,將紙板吸附於紙桌上,使不 平之紙也可順利送入機械減少損壞‧ 4.後擋紙板採用,氣壓式抬高及降下,並有電子控制之隔張給 紙裝置以配合大型紙板之輸送‧ 5.上進紙轆包覆有槽溝之橡膠,下進紙轆採用表面刻花之軸心 ,能準確的輸送紙板‧ 6.四支主軸均實心且經二度研磨及硬鉻電鍍處理,使刀頭移動 時不顫抖,增加刀之使用壽命‧ 7.裝有電眼計數器,並且設定紙張之數量,數量已到後擋板推 高,能正確控制生產的數量‧ 8.可加裝打孔鋁模‧